Born in Cameroon, raised in Brittany, Yann started acting when the 2007 riots erupted almost literally in front of his door, in the suburbs of Paris. On impulse he stepped into an acting workshop. After two years of odd jobs, modeling and the select Classe Libre, Yann entered the prestigious National Academy of Dramatic Arts.

After a year, Marcel Bozonnet, previous head of La Comédie Française, offered Yann the lead part of the play CHOCOLAT, NEGRO CLOWN, resulting of Yann leaving school for a two years tour. The production eventually led to the film MISTER CHOCOLATE with Omar Sy taking on the lead part.

Tv then open its arms to Yann, making him the 3rd black actor to land a lead part in a tv series on French Television.



Yann has earned several awards for his contributions in short films and tv.

He is currently in Dakar, filming a tv series for Canal +.